SafeLaunch onboards these new projects under its SafeAlloc for its community. These projects are groundbreaking in their respective industries, pushing boundaries and bringing value to the crypto space. The projects are unique and dynamic with promising growth potential.


Drife is a decentralized mobility platform solution that has all the functionalities…

SafeLaunch Whitelisting Campaign

An absolute herald to the long tête-à-tête, SafeLaunch is finally a pround announce its whitelisting form which is now in open.

The commencement of SafeLaunch IDO $SFE tokens is marked on the 23rd of June, 2021, the entrance to which will be subject to qualification to the steps below:


SafeLaunch is the first incubation platform that combines yield farming with the best returns on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Its all-in-one package with high-valued functions will not only help investors make the most favorable investment decision, but also effectively lock the liquidity of the projects, ensuring the community confidence.

DeFi projects: hard to launch but easy to be aborted


Roject Incubator SafeLaunch, onboarding another VC as a strategic investor (, the specific investment amount has not yet been disclosed. Until now, SafeLaunch announced the establishment of strategic partnerships with Oracle, RD Auditors, BSC Daily, BSC News, OIG and other institutions.

SafeLaunch, the first incubator platform, combines the best yield farming and project incubator on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC).
CSP DAO offers a unique blockchain system designed to address fair investment rights.

Safe Launch

A decentralized finance protocol combining yield farming and Binance Smart Chain project incubator. Pre-sales with automated liquidity locking.

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