Endless BattleField Outcome

Safe Launch
2 min readFeb 25, 2022



In light of the recent events over the last 24 hours where allegations have been made against the Endless Battlefield (EB) team, SafeLaunch has decided to refund the Endless Battlefield (EB) IDO fundraise.

Here is the TXID for the refund: https://bscscan.com/tx/0xe5bca3fa13c041130a734ed6d30b095288c2cfbf4581947b635eaa6ad91ae278

SafeLaunch also held an Endless Battlefield private round fundraise. Private deals allow investors to get a discounted price compared to the IDO fundraise in return for sending funds early. As with all private deals, funds are sent to the project before TGE. This is normal after completion of due diligence checks and was done over 30 days ago. As these funds have already been sent to the Endless Battlefield project, the private round fundraise will not be refunded and will go ahead as planned.

Introducing SafeFund

Our focus is always on you, the community. SafeLaunch always conducts the utmost due diligence and vets all projects including KYC, background checks, and video calls. However, as we’ve seen in recent months more and more, it’s nigh on impossible to avoid illicit actors and scammers posing as legitimate community projects.

To protect our community we are launching SafeFund for private deals. This is a fund which will reimburse our community in the event a private deal project acts in bad faith and scams (‘pulls a rug’).

How does the SafeFund work?

If a project is deemed to be an illicit actor or a scammer and does a ‘rug pull’ then SafeFund will be activated. A ‘rug pull’ is defined as an event where the project does not add liquidity, abandons the project and “washes” their funds through Tornado Cash or some other means and then vanishes.

Once SafeFund is activated all private deals on the SafeLaunch platform will incur an additional 2% fee. This will be paid into the SafeFund pot and used to reimburse investors who lost out when the project rugged. Payouts will be made everytime the pot reaches $50,000 until 100% of the rugged deal is reimbursed.

We are a community and collectively we will combat bad actors.

NOTE: This is subject to change at any time, and all decisions will be made final by the SafeLaunch team solely.



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