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5 min readJun 1, 2021


Welcome all to the SafeLaunch Early-dawn Bounty Campaign!

We appreciate you joining our bounty campaign. Help us grow and earn SFE for your work. We are giving out SFE equivalent to $10,000 as reward during our bounty campaign. The first phase starts on June 1st and ends on June 30th (or runs out of all the bounty budget).

Let us build a strong and active community together and make SafeLaunch a big success!

Bounty campaign allocated .

Social media Campaign — 4000$ in SFE ( ends when runs out all the bounty)

Content makers campaign -6000$ in SFE ( ends when runs out all the bounty)

General Rules

All bounty program participants are required to join SafeLaunch Telegram Group: in order to receive bounty reward.

Each participant can use only one account to join the campaign.

To be counted, all rules for each campaign must be met.

Tokens will be calculated after the campaign.

As a reward for the Bounty activities, you receive SFE tokens. The tokens are allocated to your wallet within 1 week after the end date.

For any questions regarding the bounty campaign please contact @Victoria_Yonng by telegram.

As a reward for the Bounty activities, you receive SFE tokens. Tokens will be deposited into your wallet.

You may contact our support team on Telegram to submit your questions to the Bounty Campaign.

Using multi-accounts, cheating, making someone else do the work, spamming or any kind of unethical behavior while participating in one of the campaigns is not allowed and will get you disqualified from all bounties.

The Reward system may be changed depending on the number of enrolments in each category. We reserve the rights to check that the participant adheres to the rules throughout the campaign. Any violators will be disqualified accordingly.

Twitter/Facebook /Medium/Reddit/Linkedln posts must not be posted on the same day.

While participating in the Twitter/Facebook /Medium/Reddit/Linkedln bounty campaign, you can attach your referral link to the post.

While we believe everyone will be honest and loyal to the campaign, we reserve the right to remove anyone from the campaign at any time, if we think you are not honest or start spamming the forum. Further, we will have the final right to remove anyone from the campaign without explanations.

The number of Twitter followers, Facebook friends and other social media followers will not be updated midway through the campaign.

Registration and reporting process

Fill in the required Google Form:

Perform the tasks as specified in the campaign according to the rules.

Social media Campaign

1.Twitter Rewards:

100k+ friends/subscribers — 400$/Week

50k-100k friends/subscribers– 300$/Week

25k-50k friends/subscribers — 200$/Week

15k-25k friends/subscribers — 160$/Week

10k-15k friends/subscribers — 120$/Week

7k-10k friends/subscribers — 80$/Week

5k-7k friends/subscribers — 50$/Week

3k-5k friends/subscribers — 30$/Week

1001–3000 friends/subscribers –16$/Week

501–1000 friends/subscribers –10$/Week

251–500 friends/subscribers — 7$/Week

100–250 friends/subscribers — 4$/Week

Terms and Conditions:

You can retweet all recent contents

You must fill in the required form.

Follow us on Twitter.

Your account must be at least 3 months old.

Twitter accounts should be public, open to everyone. Scrolled, dead, inactive accounts will not be considered.

Minimum 4 tweets or retweets per week using the hashtags #SafeLaunch #Defi #SFE and your comments no less than 50 words.

Users who use multiple accounts will be blacklisted.

Your account and posts should be visible to all users.

2. Telegram campaign

1)Social King:

During the campaign, the top three users who invite the most new users to join the community during the bounty campaign will receive a bonus.

The event will be held for four weeks, and the Social King will be announced at the end of the 4th week!

Social King 1st Prize: 200usdt

Social King 2nd Prize: 100usdt

Social King 3rd Prize: 50usdt

Note: To record members you have invited, newcomers should reply “Thanks for @xxxxx invite me into SafeLaunch”

Tips: New users must be real and valid accounts, if we found fake accounts, or fraud, spam, you will be disqualified from the award and banned in SafeLaunch community.

2) Super Activator:

During the campaign, the top 3 most active users (rated by Combot data) will be rewarded.

The event will be held for four weeks. Last week’s Super Activator will be unveiled at the end of the 4th week!

Super Activator 1st Prize: 100usdt

Super Activator 2nd Prize: 80usdt

Super Activator 3rd Prize: 50usdt

Tips: The content must be constructive and relevant to SafeLaunch, and if false news and spam are posted in the community, it will be banned forever.

Creator campaign

1)Video/Article Creator

Make a review video about SafeLaunch minging or Write an in-depth article about SafeLaunch


50k+ subscribers — 3000$/piece

10k-50k subscribers — 2000$/piece

5k-10k subscribers — 1000$/piece

2k-5k subscribers — 500$/piece

Terms and Conditions:

You must fill in the required form.

The website/blog where you post the content must be at least 3 months old.

Your article/blog post/video/infographic must be public.

Your article/blog post must have a good writing quality and at least 500 words.

Your article/blog post/video should have links to SafeLaunch website.

Your YouTube video must be at least 2 minutes long.

The video must be of good quality with minimum 720p

The participant can submit a maximum of 4 pieces of content/week. The same article/blog post can only be posted once. Do not apply the same article/blog post on the different websites.

Only original work is accepted! Copying parts of the website or using someone else’s ideas/work is strictly prohibited.

2) Meme/Stickers/Infographics Campaign

Terms and Conditions:

Participants of memes and infographics need to publish on your tweet after making it, and then send it to the SafeLaunch official community.

After the official approval, we will retweet it. The meme/infographics with the highest retweet number will be rewarded.

1st Prize: 500usdt

2nd Prize: 200usdt

3rd Prize: 100usdt

You must have previous working experience as a Telegram stickers designer for crypto projects and must be able to provide examples of such designs via the registration form.

Sticker designs shall be delivered to our chief designer via telegram @Victoria_Yonng.

Everyone can provide stickers samples, but all stickers bounty participants must be approved by @Victoria_Yonng first, do not start to design before the change of your status.

The content must be associated with SafeLaunch and its idea.

In order to qualify, you must deliver a set of at least 10 stickers of high quality.

Rating of a sticker set will be set by one of our bounty campaign managers depending on its quality.

To participate in the bounty you must first be a member of SafeLaunch Community.

You are allowed to use only One Wallet Add in any campaign.

You can follow us on our social channels:

Official website:




Use the above information when writing your articles and posts. Use your own words and do not copy/paste from our sites. Copy/paste and plagiarism will not be paid.

The SafeLaunch Community is giving out a maximum of $10,000 SFE during this bounty. When the coins run out, the bounty ends.

We are open to suggestions and ideas from you. If you have an idea on how to help promote the SafeLaunch Community. Please contact us through our social media channels. We would love to hear from you!

Please contact us if you need more information about the bounty. You can contact us through Telegram.

SafeLaunch reserves all rights and final interpretation.



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