SafeLaunch AMA Recap with BSC Gemz

Hosted by — Gemz

Dated: 7th June, 2021

Host: Agustin152 🇦🇷 👨‍🌾

Guests: Chewbacca, Yoda

Agustin152 🇦🇷 👨‍🌾 | CM at 🚗🌾: First things first! Can you tell us a brief description of what Safelaunch is?

Chewbacca: Ok, thanks. Safe Launch is one of the first incubator launchpad built on the BSC network.

We hope to find a way and a platform so that those projects can give full play to their advantages in their own fields, instead of devoting themselves to marketing or auditing. Let these potential projects better start and incubate growth, which is our most original motivation to do SafeLaunch.

Agustin152 🇦🇷 👨‍🌾 | CM at 🚗🌾: Oki oki, so a secure platform to launch new projects!

Can you comment a little about the team behind? Are you new to crypto?

Chewbacca: yes, Safelaunch will launch projects safely.😃

Ok. Let me introduce our main team to you.

We have 3 main members, Yoda CEO of SafeLaunch, R2D2 — CTO and me — CMO.

Yoda — CEO:

Yoda is CEO of SafeLaunch and has been in the crypto scene for just over 6 years now when bitcoin was less than 150$, in his time in the crypto scene he was one of the biggest OTC crypto traders in his country, lived through and survived the 2017 bull market and preceding bear market. With vast experience managing a successful OTC firm, automating trading algorithms turning to DeFi seemed like the next obvious step and in came the idea for SafeLaunch.

Yoda (SAFELAUNCH): Hey guys 👋


R2D2 — CTO:

R2D2 is our main solidity and back end developer, R2D2 has worked on many big projects in the past including including 8+ years experience as a senior engineer on various projects. R2D2 has a deep knowledge and passion for programming and started at the young age of 15, he is proficient in:

Front-end: React JS/Redux, Angular JS/2+, Vue JS, HTML/CSS/Javascript/Typescript, Ionic Framework

* Back-end: Node JS, ExpressJS, FireBase

* Mobile: React Nativ/Swift/ObjC/Java

* Database: FireStore/MongoDB/Parse/ElasticSearch/PosgreSQL/MySQL

* Unit Testing: Jest/Mocha

* Deployment: AWS, Heroku, Digital Ocean

* Task Management: Jira, Trello

* Source Control: git, github, gitlab, bitbucket

* Solidity, SWAP/STAKE, ..

And for me, CMO of SafeLaunch, I have been in the crypto market for 6 years. I have sufficient experience in the Crypto industry particularly in DeFi. And I have been worked as market manager and operation director for many years, now I will try my best to make SafeLaunch a great success.

Agustin152 🇦🇷 👨‍🌾 | CM at 🚗🌾: Hey, so you have some members very Old School haha

Good to hear this, experience in the space will be always welcomed

Also, i really think DeFi lacks professionals still, so really happy to hear your backgrounds as well!

So for the next question:

There are several chains available, why did you choose BSC? Don’t you think the space maybe it’s saturated of launchpads and competition can be hard?

Chewbacca: Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is a relatively new blockchain for DeFi projects however very exciting with much lower tx fees compared to other blockchains. Due to BSC being such a new platform for the DeFi scene many projects find it difficult to find the necessary rails for the support they need. This can hinder the most exciting projects get the spotlight they deserve and make it difficult for projects to raise the liquidity needed. So we choose to build on BSC. And you can see, the low transaction fee, high transaction speed, this will get more and more DeFiers to join BSC.

Yoda (SAFELAUNCH): On top of this

BSC launchpads models don’t provide their users with high allocations and most you’re probably going to get around $30 allocation which I don’t think is right, so we decided to change the model a little and increase the barrier to entry with staking lockup pools and not just holding the tokens through whitelist period and to build on we’re not just a launchpad. We’re offering our third product “SafeAllocation”, which we will go cross-chain and find projects pre-launch accrue private allocations into these of offering the allocations to our users in our single staking lockup pools.

Agustin152 🇦🇷 👨‍🌾 | CM at 🚗🌾: Alright, so you don’t fear into going cross-chain 💪💪

Yoda (SAFELAUNCH): It’s hard for your average user to get into these big projects as you normally need big investments so with a community pool this will help your average investor get into projects BEFORE they go pumpy

Agustin152 🇦🇷 👨‍🌾 | CM at 🚗🌾: Yes, i personally think the whole launchpad idea is very much needed and can work very well if the projects are selected and curated properly

So regarding this, would you care to explain a little better the tokenomics of your project?

How $SFE comes into play in your ecosystem?


Here are our tokenomics

Our token will have a 2.2% burn per tx to make it deflationary.

1.2 will be burnt

0.5% will goto mining contracts

0.5% to the marketing treasury

Our token plays 3 key roles:

You can use it for staking into our pools and earning high APR starting the highest at launch and halving every 10 days.

Whilst staked into the pools you’ll get access to our LaunchPad for projects we incubate

You’ll also get access to our private discord channel depending on your lockup period/how much you’re staking you’ll be given a tier, which will give you an allocation amount into private sales for projects that our cross-chain

Agustin152 🇦🇷 👨‍🌾 | CM at 🚗🌾: So many benefits from holding some $SFE

Also good to hear deflationary tokenomics, i’m not a fan of high inflation tokens hehe

Well, i have an user question next:

Many ruggers use launchpads for their “projects” to fool people into a false sense of security. How are you going to do your due diligence in order to prevent your platform from being used this way?

Yoda (SAFELAUNCH): This is probably the most common question we get asked

Agustin152 🇦🇷 👨‍🌾 | CM at 🚗🌾: Yep, definitely an important one haha

Yoda (SAFELAUNCH): All projects that launch on our launchpad go through our 122 points due to diligence checks which include, kyc, contract audits (if incubated paid by us), we lock the liquidity of each project in our token locking contracts and we have a team of 6 (increasing to 9 as we’re currently recruiting) researchers that do a deep dive into each project that we launch.

Agustin152 🇦🇷 👨‍🌾 | CM at 🚗🌾: Alrighty, several security points then 😄

Chewbacca: Yes, as the DeFi market continues to blossom, we’ve witnessed varying degrees of rugpull events, many of which have left the investing community in distress. In Safe Launch, investors are offered a well thoroughly and vetted project that reduces the chances of scams or rugpull events ever happening.

The platform hopes to restore the confidence level of users as it works towards ensuring quality over quantity.

Agustin152 🇦🇷 👨‍🌾 | CM at 🚗🌾: I’m a big fan of this way of think!

Chewbacca: So as my boss said, quality over quantity.
Each project that we incubate/launch on our platform must go through our 122 points in-depth due diligence check, this will include KYC of founder members and CTO, audits paid by us through our partnerships with audit agencies, locked liquidity from the get-go and much much more. So Safelaunch will launch projects safely, this is our key advantage to other platforms.Agustin152 🇦🇷 👨‍🌾 | CM at 🚗🌾: Okis, so i have a follow up question since we are talking about security

What about the audit company you work with? Do you have some partners already regarding audits?

How do you manage the review of code from new projects?

Chewbacca: Yes, I will give you some details.

As for now, we have got deep strategic cooperation relations with RD auditors, Certik and more.

Yoda (SAFELAUNCH): We also have our in-house team of developers that are available to help projects if they need it

they’ll also review code before we send it off to one of our partner companies either RD auditors or certik.

Chewbacca: And for certik audit, we have applied Skynet audit service, this means our platform will be under supervisory at any time, this will ensure and protect all the safety of our platform.

Agustin152 🇦🇷 👨‍🌾 | CM at 🚗🌾: This is good to hear, i like the idea that several stages of code check are in place. You can never be safe enough on this space so the more eyes on the code the better

Also this, very important to stablish good cooperation amongst projects and auditors!

Chewbacca: Yes, we absolutely agree with you.

Yoda (SAFELAUNCH): The more 👀 the better, even some of the best devs miss things, so we like to have redundancies in place.

Agustin152 🇦🇷 👨‍🌾 | CM at 🚗🌾: Of course haha

We all make mistakes, even coders that sometimes feels like robots haha

We are all humans after all :D

Well, for the next question. If Iwere a project that wants to apply for your launchpad, what will be the correct steps to do it?

Yoda (SAFELAUNCH): This is pretty straight forward, if you head to our website and use the “get incubated” link it’ll send you to this form: fill it in and one of our team would be in contact

Agustin152 🇦🇷 👨‍🌾 | CM at 🚗🌾: Okis, so anyone can freely apply? No previous requirement? 😄

Chewbacca: Yes, the project can apply 1st, then we will evalute and reply soon.

This will be more efficiency.

Agustin152 🇦🇷 👨‍🌾 | CM at 🚗🌾: Okis okis, thanks for the info! So if you have a project there you have it!

Another aspect community seems to demand for is insurance! Will you have some kind of insurance to cover if some project you incubated gets exploited or hacked?

Yoda (SAFELAUNCH): No need, anyone can apply, it’ll go to one of our researchers and they will start their due diligence and gather more information regarding the project before passing it onto an account manager if it passes our checks :)

We currently don’t have anything in place for this however it has been a chat we’ve had within the team and we’re playing with some ideas on how we’d offer a product like this but it’s still in the ‘to be decided’ pile.

Agustin152 🇦🇷 👨‍🌾 | CM at 🚗🌾: It’s ok! Good thing is already on your radar 💪

Well, we are almost at the end of the AMA! We have some final questions and then we will leave the floor open if someone else wants to ask questions regarding Safelaunch 🙌

Chewbacca: Yes, we will make our product more perfect.

Agustin152 🇦🇷 👨‍🌾 | CM at 🚗🌾: We usually like to ask if you can give us one piece of alpha here in Gemz that almost nobody else knows yet?


We’ve just announced our whitelist form:

IDO will start on the 23rd of June and will be a dual IDO on our platform and another launchpad that we will reveal soon :)

Agustin152 🇦🇷 👨‍🌾 | CM at 🚗🌾: That’s quite the Alpha indeed haha

Well, and before we go into our last question. Would you be so kind of sharing your socials accounts and official links?


Tele Groop:





Agustin152 🇦🇷 👨‍🌾 | CM at 🚗🌾: Alright! Always remember to use official links for projects, scammers are always around so better double check you are in the official site

Chewbacca: Do NOT forget to pay more attention about the whitelist here:

We’ve just announced our whitelist form:

IDO will start on the 23rd of June and will be a dual IDO on our platform and another launchpad that we will reveal soon :)

Thanks for your kindly remind.

Agustin152 🇦🇷 👨‍🌾 | CM at 🚗🌾: So regarding the last question. We have taken from Biggie Smalls a question he used to ask in every AMA hehe

What’s one question nobody ever asks you that you wish they would, and what’s the answer?

Yoda (SAFELAUNCH): Ohhhh that’s a good one!

Is tupac still alive? 🤔

Did you realise how much work/time/effort running a project even though it’s pre-launch?

My answer would be absolutely not! I’m currently working on around 3–4 hours of sleep a day at the moment to get everything ready for launch but I’m sure all this hard work will payt off :)

Agustin152 🇦🇷 👨‍🌾 | CM at 🚗🌾: Hahah, Biggie is a user friend of the house haha

It’s a hard life the project owner!

Alright then! Floor is now open 🙌🙌🙌