Drife, Decentralized Ride Hailing Reimagined

About Drife

Key Features

  • IDO with Paid Networks Apollo X
  • Tier 1 Advisors including Kyle Chasse (CEO PAID Network), Dr. Deeban Ratneswaran (CEO GD10 Ventures), Orion Depp (Managing Partner Master Ventures)
  • Supported by tier-1 Venture Capital(VC) firms including (GD10, MasterVentures, AU21, Titan Ventures, BTA ventures and more)
  • Disruptive ride-hailing model on a decentralized platform
  • Transparent, efficient and community centric
  • Mobility solution is an estimated $385 billion industry by 2025
  • Has 8,000 enrolled drivers and 10,000 independent drivers
  • 5 fleets of more than 1,000 vehicles in each fleet ready to onboard Drife
  • In talks with potential franchisees in South America, France, Middle East and other parts of the world
  • A fully developed product ready to be deployed
  • Active community of drivers on Telegram and had conducted 3 virtual drivers’ meetups

Funding Rounds

SafeLaunch tiers

The Team



Lockup Period




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