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Safe Launch
4 min readJun 3, 2021


SafeLaunch is the first incubation platform that combines yield farming with the best returns on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Its all-in-one package with high-valued functions will not only help investors make the most favorable investment decision, but also effectively lock the liquidity of the projects, ensuring the community confidence.

DeFi projects: hard to launch but easy to be aborted

Ever since DeFi received wide recognition from the public, all the projects in Defi ecosystem have gone through the similar difficult process of confident IPO, which then is followed by slow growth. Taking AAVE as an example. AAVE was called Lend in the early stage. It began to emerge in the market in 2018, but for the next two years, both its market value and the transaction volume were sluggish. The legendary and top projects such as Comp, UNI, Maker, etc. had also encountered a similar challenge. The sluggish start-ups provided expanded room for the subsequent market competition. The later game players with the same type could even win by the advantages of media, resources, and capital over the former projects. Many good projects disappeared exactly due to the above external factors in their early stages. Thus, as the saying goes that a good beginning is half way to the success, a good launch is extremely critical for blockchain projects in this highly competitive era.

Another challenge for DeFi projects is loopholes. Since hacker attacked BSC in May, some of the projects that once were top level, have been severely subject to the impact, and gradually disappeared in the market. Some others may withstand the blow, but still are struggling to survive, such as Pancakebunny. The main reason for their tragedy can be attributed to their weakness in code auditing and operation logic review. The younger teams are obviously less experienced in the auditing and review, and expose themselves to more hacking risks, leading to irreparable and massive losses. The long-term survival of a project is closely related to the management of code vulnerabilities and operational logic vulnerabilities.

What about project development?

Let us leave behind the risks and problems in the launch and operation and think about how to ensure project development. What problems are holding back project growth? The development of the projects relies on at least three key factors: media, community, and funds. The media can bring more attention and active users to the project; the community can retain loyal users, which is the basis ensuring stable project operation; funds can inject liquidity within a few hours for any Defi projects and activate the economic ecology instantly. At the same time, funds in different forms can allow more diversified projects operations, such as community activities, media incentives, marketing promotion, and so on.
A good project should focus not only on technological aspect, but also the overall development of itself. However, for most technical projects, it is not easy to give attention to both project development and technology advance simultaneously. This problem has made the market lose a large number of high-quality projects.

SafeLaunch: less efforts but better outcomes

Through SafeLaunch LaunchPad and Incubator, our team and extensive resources accumulated in the industry can provide assistance for audits, marketing, and help launch new BSC projects. By providing review and due diligence for upcoming projects, SafeLaunch will greatly reduces the risks and endows new project with more trustworthiness. In the meantime, our service also protects the liquidity provider.

1. Simplified marketing

SafeLaunch will help projects develop pre- and post-marketing plans for IDO and share our resources in the industry for the projects.

2. Guaranteed security

SafeLaunch aims to protect investors’ funds and help potentially outstanding projects overcome obstacles in marketing and pre-sales.

SafeLaunch can largely reduce the chance of fraud or robust incidents through thorough project reviews.

3. Enormous benefits

Our team can bring good returns to users through a reliable project.

SafeLaunch will use the yield farming together with the IDO launch pad to enable token holders to earn passive income.

SafeLaunch’s one-stop solution package

1. Incubator Launchpad

SafeLaunch will incubate and help projects by offering a one-stop services before and after IDO. This includes marketing and auditing services from top auditors in the industry.

2. Investor protection

SafeLaunch provides investors are with thoroughly reviewed projects to reduce the occurrence of scams or robust incidents.

The platform hopes to restore user trust in the process of ensuring high quality.

3. Instant cases

Every project launched on the launchpad can use yield farming, thereby providing greater liquidity for the project, and launching or continuing to build more leverage on the platform.



Safe Launch

A decentralized finance protocol combining yield farming and Binance Smart Chain project incubator. Pre-sales with automated liquidity locking.